Welcome to the CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon Hall of Fame

This page is dedicated to those who have won Celtman or have recorded a fastest time on an individual component of the Celtman Extreme Triathlon.  I have tried to be as accurate as possible but if you believe there is an error then please get in touch and I will correct the page.  I also wish to acknowledge that conditions play a huge part in such an event.

In 2016 the last of the 2012/13 records were broken on the run section which means that the records are now unified as the run course in 2012/13 for the high route runners was slightly shorter than today’s course.  For the first time in 2014 the high course course was taken along the Loch Torridon foreshore so that both courses finished by entering to the West of Torridon village and running to the Community Centre.  In 2017 high winds prevented any runners from competing on the high course and as a consequence a new fattest time for a winning athlete was recorded.  2018 saw another amendment to the course where the cycle route finished in Kinlochewe and the run was also adjusted as a consequence.

In 2019 a new award was introduced.  The Chris Stirling Rock Award is dedicated to the memory of a great Celtman who was sadly lost to the Celtman family in 2019.  He will be missed by all those who got to know him through his dedication to the sport.

The event was not run in 2020 due to Covid19 restrictions.

The record for the most course variations must be the 11th edition in 2023.  Lightening on the top of Beinn Eighe caused the mountain to be closed and groups of comeptitors then completed the course in various ways.  For our record we have only counted the 4 who completed the full high route as part of the High route dataset.  There is a goup who are High* - they started the high route but took a variation!

The 12th Celtman saw a number of records being broken.  Ross Creber made it 3 wins in a row with a new fastest time whilst Eilidh Prise also took her 3rd Female title and again set a new record.  Six more Celtmen were presented with their Red Shirts for 5 races completed, which included Ewan Robertson, the sole competitor who had also raced in the inugural Celtman in 2012.

CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon – Starters and Finishers

After 12th Edition – 2012 – 2024

2034 triathletes have started a Celtman! Extreme Scottish Triathlon

1566 different individuals have started a Celtman! Extreme Scottish Triathlon

1413 different individuals have started a Celtman! Extreme Scottish Triathlon and Finished

1141 of starters have won a Blue Celtman! Extreme Scottish Triathlon shirt

56% of starters have won a Blue Celtman! Extreme Scottish Triathlon shirt

650 of starters have won a White Celtman! Extreme Scottish Triathlon shirt

32% of starters have won a White Celtman! Extreme Scottish Triathlon shirt

242 of starters did not finish their Celtman ! Extreme Scottish Triathlon

12% of starters did not finish their Celtman ! Extreme Scottish Triathlon

1000th Celtman Finisher

During the course of the 2018 race, Gérard Farina became the 1000th Celtman competitor to complete the course.  He finished 168th in a time of 17hours 27mins 15secs  At the start of the next race there will have been 991 different competitiors who have completed the Celtman course.


CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon – Chris Stirling Award

Chris Stirling Award

Introduced in 2019 in memory of 5 time Celtman, Chris Stirling, who sadly was lost to the Celtman family earlier in the year.

The award of the Chris Stirling Trophy will be decided each year by experienced Celtmen and Women and will take in to account individuals who encapsulate and promote the spirit of the event and what it means to be a Celtman or Women.

2024 Chris Stirling Award Winner

Neil Campbell

Support Crew & Last Competitor Sweeper

"Not daft enough to take part" - Neil Campbell 2018. However still prepared to help a competitor complete his Celtman story. In 2024 Neil was acting as 'sweeper' following the last competitor from T2A. It is mandatory on this part of the course for all athletes to have a support runner. So when the last competitor's support runner began to feel unwell it looked as if both would need to retire back down to T2A. In true Celtman spirit Neil stepped up to the plate to act as a support runner with the agreement of the race directors. Did we mention Neil had not long had hip surgery. "Not daft enough to take part". Aye!?! (He won Blue in 2021 - Ed) The whole Campbell family are well known to many Celtmen competitiors having been regular volunteers, support runners and also competitors. Neil is a worthy winner on behalf of the 'Campbells' of the Chris Stirling Award.

2023 Chris Stirling Award Winner

Liam Perks

2 Celtman Starts (2015 – White, 2019 – Blue)

Support Crew x6

Can you fix it? Yes he can. The following words are by "Susie Sharky" from 2016 - "Liam has both completed the race, supported other athletes doing so and he has helped an insane amount of people with all kinds of practical issues. This year for example, he helped me find my support driver. He also helped two Frenchmen who had lost all of their luggage and equipment on the airplane getting to Scotland. All of us finished the race with Liam’s help, and he does this for so many people every year."

2022 – The Local Community

The Celtman family recognised the work and support of the local community without which the event would not have become the success that it is.  Whether accommodation, bacon butties at 04:00, coastguard, mountain rescue, kayakers, volunteers, to pasta meals at midnight and of course good luck messages from everyone.  The local community remain integral to celtman.

With thanks to Lynn Hanley for permission to use.

2021 – Geraint Ashton Jones

(Photographer and Hall of Fame editor)

The Celtman family recognised the work one of the photographers who cover Celtman!  Geraint has attended every Celtman and also compiles the Hall of Fame.

2019 (and inaugural) Chris Stirling Award Winner

Ryan Maclean

4 Celtman Starts (2012 – White, 2013 – DNF, 2014 – White, 2018 – White)

Support Runner in 2019, 2017, 2016, 2015

CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon – Course Records

We are showing two course records.  The course record when the high route was available and the course record when only the low route could be used.  The 6th edition of Celtman! was the first occasion when no athlete were allowed on the high course.  In 2013 the 1st 11 athletes completed the high route before it was closed by mountain rescue.

Overall – Course Records

Overall course records are based on 2030 starters.

High Course Record

2024 - 10:50:29 - Ross Creber

Year Time Name
2024 10:50:29 Ross Creber
2021 10:56:37 Ewan Brown
2024 11:07:39 Robin Downie
2021 11:19:24 Stephen Derrett
2021 11:25:15 Douglas Roberts
2023 11:29:38 Ross Creber
2021 11:37:48 Ian Russell
2018 11:39:48 Harry Wiltshire
2014 11:41:30 Johan Hasselmark
2016 11:42:20 Lasse Finstad

Low Course Record

2017 - 10:34:53 - Chris Stirling

Year Time Name
2017 10:34:53 Chris Stirling
2022 10:35:59 Ross Creber
2017 10:37:36 Alan Semple
2022 10:55:18 Robin Downie
2022 11:02:59 Jack Brown
2022 11:10:29 Mike Livesay
2017 11:12:00 Odd Ivar Solvold
2022 11:19:30 Eilidh Prise
2017 11:29:39 Gert Zangen
2017 11:45:58 Nick Williamson

Women’s Overall – Course Records

Women’s overall course records are based on 329 starters.

Women’s High Course Record

2024 - 12:39:13 - Eilidh Prise

Year Time Name
2024 12:39:13 Eilidh Prise
2021 13:08:26 Eilidh Prise
2021 13:08:37 Marjan Allik
2016 13:13:06 Bonnie van Wilgenburg
2016 13:25:15 Ruth Crewe
2016 13:39:12 Emma Lamont
2024 13:47:09 Estera Zak
2016 13:53:51 Rebekka Trkenmuller
2012 13:55:33 Susanne Buckenlei
2021 14:00:10 Hannah Saitch

Note:  Kathrin Müller’s time in 2013 of 13:05:01 is not included for record purposes due to weather conditions necessitating an abridged high level course.

Women’s Low Course Record

2022 - 11:19:30 - Eilidh Prise

Year Time Name
2022 11:19:30 Eilidh Prise
2022 12:13:09 Caroline Livesey
2017 12:42:17 Marie Meldrum
2022 13:03:11 Jenny Close
2022 13:03:27 Naomi Shinkins
2018 13:06:36 Tabea Ruegge
2017 13:26:01 Mirjam Allik
2018 13:28:22 Reanne Miller
2023 13:32:28 Pernille Dørstad
2018 13:32:45 Jan Rogers

Mens Senior – Course Records

Men’s Senior course records are based on 685 starters.

High Course Record

2024 - 10:50:29 - Ross Creber

Low Course Record

2017 - 10:34:53 - Chris Stirling

Women’s Senior – Course Records

Women’s senior course records are based on 170 starters.

Women’s High Course Record

2024 - 12:39:13 - Eilidh Prise

Low Course Record

2022 - 11:19:30 - Eilidh Prise

Men’s Veteran – Course Records

Men’s veteran course records are based on 691 starters.

High Course Record

2015 - 11:51:14 - Dirk Zangen

Low Course Record

2017 - 11:12:00 - Odd Ivar Solvold

Women’s Veteran – Course Records

Women’s veteran course records are based on 108 starters.

High Course Record

2021 - 13:08:37 - Marjam Allik

Women’s Low Course Record

2017 - 12:14:17 - Marie Meldrum

Men’s Super Veteran – Course Records

Men’s super veteran course records are based on 325 starters.

High Course Record

2024 - 13:03:21 - Martin Goodlad

Low Course Record

2022 - 12:06:45 - Paul Gallagher

Women’s Super Veteran – Course Records

Women’s super veteran course records are based on 51 starters.

High Course Record

2016 - 14:59:37 - Ali Hollington

Low Course Record

2018 - 13:32:45 - Jan Rogers

Men’s Vintage – Course Records

Men’s vintage course records are based on 19 starters.

High Course Record

2024 - 13:46:03 - Paul Gallacher

Low Course Record

2018 - 14:49:36 - Christopher Harrison

Women’s Vintage – Course Records

Women’s vintage course records are based on 1 starter.

High Course Record

No competitors

Low Course Record

2018 - 16:35:46 - Jean Bowman

Men’s Super Vintage – Course Records

Men’s super vintage course records are based on 1 starter.

High Course Record

2012 - 20:36:15 - Milos Kostic

Low Course Record

No competitors

CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon – Swim Records

The Celtman! Extreme Scottish Triathlon starts with a 3.4km swim course where the competitors enter Loch Shieldaig at Inverbain and exit into T1 at the village of Shieldaig.  The state of the tide and wind direction, as well as sea state, can have a significant effect on swim times.

Men’s Swim Record

2012 - 00:39:54 - Bobby Oag

Year Time Name
2012 00:39:54 Bobby Oag
2018 00:41:01 Harry Wiltshire
2012 00:41:10 Lefteris Paraskevas
2016 00:41:30 Andrew Duggan
2018 00:42:17 Mark Duggan
2023 00:42:55 Paul Gallacher
2018 00:43:05 Juuso Manninen
2021 00:43:16 Ruben Villalain
2016 00:43:33 Marcin Gorka
2016 00:43:45 Lasse Finstad
2018 00:43:50 Andre Stubs
2012 00:44:35 John Nykvist
2022 00:44:47 Paul Gallacher
2012 00:44:48 Michael Hall
2012 00:44:57 Kevin Bailey

Women’s Swim Record

2021 - 00:46:14 - Catriona Quirie

Year Time Name
2021 00:46:14 Catriona Quirie
2024 00:46:53 Catriona Quirie
2021 00:47:16 Emma Holt
2021 00:47:34 Eilidh Prise
2023 00:48:32 Catriona Quirie
2018 00:48:42 Mirjam Allik
2022 00:49:07 Eilidh Prise
2016 00:49:14 Emma Lamont
2024 00:49:37 Eilidh Prise
2013 00:49:52 Alexandra Cremona
2013 00:49:56 Kathrin Müller
2016 00:49:59 Naomi Shinkins

Bobby Oag is the only Celtman to have broken 40 minutes for the swim.  14 further Celtmen have broken 45 minutes.

Only 8 women have broken 50 minutes for the swim with Eilidh Prise & Catriona Quirie achieving the feet three times.

CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon – Cycle Records

The Celtman! Extreme Scottish Triathlon cycle route is 202km from Shieldaig, travelling up the length of Glen Torridon before completing a clockwise route via Gairloch, Poolewe, Garve and Achnasheen finally completing at T2 Achnashellach Forrest.  The route includes 2000m of ascent.

Men’s Cycle Record

2024 - 05:18:43 - Ross Creber

Year Time Name
2024 05:18:43 Ross Creber
2023 05:26:51 Ross Creber
2021 05:27:14 Andrew Duggan
2021 05:27:43 Ewan Brown
2024 05:35:00 Iain Veitch
2024 05:35:23 Robin Downie
2021 05:36:26 Peter Fenwick
2021 05:41:29 Stephen Derrett
2021 05:42:26 Basel Razouk
2016 05:44:52 Andrew Duggan

Women’s Cycle Record

2023 - 06:06:48 - Claire Weller

Year Time Name
2023 06:06:48 Claire Weller
2024 06:14:05 Eilidh Prise
2023 06:21:10 Kaja Bergwitz-Larsen
2021 06:25:58 Hannah Saitch
2022 06:26:05 Eilidh Prise
2024 06:31:33 Jenny Nilsson
2022 06:34:28 Caroline Livesey
2024 06:34:30 Sonia Tomegros Regalado
2021 06:34:44 Mirjam Allik
2014 06:41:12 Marie Meldrum
2016 06:41:58 Bonnie van Wilgenburg
2024 06:43:20 Heleen de Hooge
2016 06:44:28 Emma Lamont
2016 06:44:48 Ali Hollington

8 Celtmen have broken 5 hours 45 mins for the cycle with Andrew Duggan & Ross Creber having achieved this twice.  Similarly 13 Women have gone below 6 hours 45 mins for the course with Eilidh Prise achieving the feat twice.

CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon – Run Records

The Celtman! Extreme Scottish Triathlon run consists of two routes.  For those looking to win the coveted Blue shirt they need to reach transition T2a (at the base of Being Eighe in 11 hours (12 hours in 2012).  They then climb to the summit of Spidean Coire nan Coach (993M) and Ruadh-stac More (1010M) to complete a 41.6KM run from Achnashellach Forrest through the Coulin Pass over Being Eighe, down Glen Torridon to the finish at Torridon village.  Those who arrive at T2a between 11 hours and 13 hours of the start complete the White shirt route which omits the ascent of Being Eighe and takes the competitors behind Liatach to the finish at Torridon.

Men’s Run Record – High Course

2024 - 04:26:23 - Robin Downie

Year Time Name
2024 04:26:23 Robin Downie
2024 04:26:47 Ross Creber
2021 04:29:13 Ewan Brown
2014 04:37:06 Johan Hasselmark
2021 04:38:26 Douglas Roberts
2013 04:41:19 Johan Hasselmark
2021 04:43:05 Stephen Derrett
2012 04:45:39 Alex Glasgow
2019 04:46:53 Johan Hasselmark
2012 04:47:01 Sean McFarlane
2015 04:47:24 Chris Stirling
2024 04:47:37 James Espie
2021 04:49:22 Ian Russell
2014 04:49:49 Chris Stirling

Women’s Run Record – High Course

2021 - 05:23:44 - Eilidh Prise

Year Time Name
2021 05:23:44 Eilidh Prise
2016 05:24:03 Ruth Crewe
2024 05:25:35 Eilidh Prise
2016 05:29:49 Bonnie van Wilgenburg
2021 05:33:26 Mirjam Allik
2016 05:40:37 Rebekka Trukenmuller
2024 05:49:06 Estera Zak
2015 05:55:50 Siobhan Prise
2016 05:57:33 Emma Lamont
2019 05:58:53 Rachel Hunt
2018 05:59:13 Mirjam Allik

Men’s Run Record – Low Course

2017 - 03:11:49 - Alan Semple (Image from 2018_

Women’s Run Record – Low Course

2022 - 03:56:09 - Eilidh Prise

In 2013 Kathrin Müller was the only female to make the high course before bad weather closed the mountain section on the top of Beinn Eighe.  Her offical run time is not for the complete high level route as due to the bad weather she came off the mountain part of the way around for safety.  She maintained her place for legitimate reasons but I have not included her run time of 4:54:23 in the offical statistics due to the shorten course.  She still completed a remarkabel race in very poor conditions and was in 11th place on reaching T2a.  Similarly a number of athletes completed an abridged high course in 2023, with only 4 doing the full route.  Again their times are not included in 'High Course' records.

CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon – Special Celtman!

Anyone who completes the Celtman! Extreme Scottish Triathlon is special and their achievement is the culmination of months of dedicated training and meeting their own personal challenges to complete the course.  However as with any event there are competitors who’s achievement in an individual race or over a series of races warrant mention.  Below are some of the Celtman competitors who have caught the eye.  The list is only a personal one of Alligin Photography and I appreciate that I have never competed in an event like Celtman, as a swim like a pepple though I was reasonable on a bike and did quite well in ultra endurance running in my younger days.  There are no laid down criteria who I write up and I would alway listen to a case being made for someone who is not listed who you think should be.  This section is due for a refresh in late 2024.

Johan Hasselmark

In 2019 Johan Hasslemark became the first Celtman competitor to win the overall race for a second time repeating his win from 2014. 2019 was his third Celtman race and his remarkable achievements in Celtman include never having finished lower than 2nd (2013), a new course record when winning in 2014 and until 2021 he was the holder of the fastest run, again from 2014 (4:37:06). In 2019 it was once more his running ability which delivered the title as he passed early leader Fraser Cartmell and then Graeme Stewart ( who had held on in 2013 for the win) to take an emphatic first place. His 2019 win was also the first time that a Celtman, on the high course, has recorded two sub 12 hour course times. 2019 - 11:52:05, 2014 - 11:41:30 and for the record his time in 2013 was 12:23:41

Marie Meldrum

In 2017 Marie Meldrum became the first Celtman women to defend a title when she retained her Women's Veteran category win, Stuart Macleod had defended his Men's Veterans win in 2014. She was also the overall Women's winner in 2017 repeating her win from 2014, when competing in the Women's open category. She was the 1st competitor to win two open category titles. She has four category wins to her name in total plus the Women's Veteran record for the Low course (she reliquished her high course record in 2021). In 2022 she relinguished her Women's open record for the Low course to Eilidh Prise. In 2023 Marie became the 1st Celtman to complete 8 Celtman races all were Blue shirt finishes.

Jeff Glasbrenner

2014 - Jeff Glasbrenner becomes the first amputee to complete Celtman - 19:34:56. Having lost his right leg from just below the knee in a farming accident Jeff not only completed the gruelling course but also achieved a Blue shirt finish. Some achievement when considering the size of the scree shoot at Coirie Mhic Fhearchair he successfully navigated.

Chris Godfree

A special mention goes to Chris Godfree from Edinburgh RC. His 50th place in time of 15:17:58 was his 5th Blue Shirt finish. He came 12th in the first ever Celtman in 2012 [ 13:28:20] and then had three consecutive top ten finishes:- 2013 7th [13:14:57]; 2014 6th [12:43:56]; 2015 - 7th [13:03:46]. A remarkable achievement of consistency over the first five CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlons

Thor Hessenberg

Thor missed the inaugural Celtman! Extreme Scottish Triathlon but successfully completed the next 5 with a best placed finish of 11th in 2015. He earned a White shirt in 2013 & 2017 with Blue finishes in 2014, 2015 & 2016. Having missed 2018 he returned to the Celtman course in 2019, winning a White shirt and becoming the first Celtman with 6 shirts to his name. Not competing in 2021 due to Covid restrictions Thor returned to Blue shirt winning ways in 2022 and completed his 8th Celtman in 2023, the only other competitor to Marie Meldrum who has achieved this.

Stuart Macleod

Stuart Macleod finished in the top ten of the three Celtman he competed in- 3rd 2014, 3rd 2013, 4th 2012 He als o became the first Celtman to defend a title with his 2014 (12:11:25) win in the Men's Veteran category, a race hs also won in 2013 (12:26:38)

Sean McFarlane

2nd in the inaugural Celtman of 2012 followed by 8th (2013), 14th (2014) and 5th (2015)