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2016 CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon

2016 – Swim

2016 – Cycle

2016 – Run

2016 – Start

2016 – Swim Exit

2016 – Finish Line

2016 CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon - New Records

Draft Results - Used

Fastest Women - Bonnie Van Wilgenburg - 13 hours 13 minutes 6 seconds

Bonnie Van Wilgenburg's 9th place overall finish is also the highest for a Women, beating Kathrin Muller's 11th place from 2013.

A swim time of 56:37 meant that Bonnie Van Wilgenburg was well down from the leading woman (Emma Lamont) who exited the water with a time of 49:14

Bonnie showing the form on the bike that produced a 6:41:58 time for the 202K route, not far behind Marie Meldrum's 6:41:12 course record recorded in 2014

Bonnie showed that she was an excellent descender and also that she has a sense of humour with her support running donning 'traditional costume' to accompany her over Beinn Eight. Her run was the fastest ever for a female competitor and she is one of only two women to have broken 6 hours for the run section.

Fastest Cycle - Andrew Duggan - 5 hours 44 minutes 52 seconds

Having recorded one of the fastest ever swim, Alan Duggan preceded to knock 10 minutes off Dirk Zinger's fastest time for the cycle, recording an impressive 5:44:52. He slipped back during the run and eventually finished 6th over all.

Fastest Women's Run - Ruth Crewe - 5 hours 24 minutes 03 seconds

Ruth Crewe's run was the first sub 6 hour run by a female competitor and beat the course record set by Susanne Buckenlei in 2012 [6:05:06]. Her 5:24:03 was over 5 minutes quicker than Bonnie Van Wilgenburg's run time and they are the only women to have broken 6 hours for the run section.

Fastest Women's Veteran - Marie Meldrum - 14 hours 17 minutes 9 seconds

Swim time 55:10

Cycle time 6:51:42

Run time 6:21:01. Marie finished 26th overall, 5th Women and 1st Women Veteran to set a new FV record beating the time from Katrine Wole [15:18:25] set in 2015

5th Blue Shirt - Chris Godfree - Edinburgh RC

A special mention goes to Chris Godfree from Edinburgh RC. His 50th place in time of 15:17:58 was his 5th Blue Shirt finish. He came 12th in the first ever Celtman in 2012 [ 13:28:20] and then had three consecutive top ten finishes:- 2013 7th [13:14:57]; 2014 6th [12:43:56]; 2015 - 7th [13:03:46]. A remarkable achievement of consistency over the first five CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlons

133 Blue T-Shirt Finishers - New Record

From the 175 competitors that entered the waters of Loch Shielding at 05:00, 133 made the check off time and completed the high route for the coveted blue Celtman t-shirt. A record in the 5 year history of CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon. It beat the 110 in the inaugural 2012 Celtman which had a cut off time at T2a of one hour later. Since 201,3 when the new 11 hour cut off was introduced, the previous highest number of finishers for the blue shirt was 93 [2014]. The lowest was in 2013 where only 48 blue t-shirts were awarded. 2013 was a year that put the extreme in to real context with Beinn Eight being closed after the first 11 competitors due to the harsh weather conditions on the summit ridge.

The Hall of Fame will be updated fully by the middle of July 2016 once there has been a chance to examine the results from 2016 more closely.

2015 CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon

The fourth edition of the Celtman Extreme Triathlon was another compelling race. The galleries below contain a selection of images from Alligin Photography of the day. Again we have tried to capture some of the emotion of the race through a competitors eyes.

I hope you enjoy the photographs and if you are viewing as one of the CELTMAN! Extreme Triathlon competitors, many congratulations.

2015 – Swim

2015 – Cycle

2015 – Run

The swim section was completed predominantly at slack water on a high tide. Though the swim time wasn’t the quickest it did seem that more of the athletes were out of the water quicker than in the past, with a lot of competition at the front of the race.

With the increase in popularity of Celtman the exit of the swim is now very congested. That and with a number of swimmers exiting the water at the same time made the photography very challenging. I have included some that are on the edge in terms of quality and regrettably a number were not up to standard for inclusion.

The eventual winner Dirk Zangen passed me at Achnasheeen with a 21 minute lead. His style on the bike was relaxed and motionless and made the effort of cycling in to a headwind seemed easy. However with the wind steadily increasing the last part of the ride from the Garve junction towards Achnasheeen was to prove a hard slog.

When Torridon and Kinlochewe Mountain Rescue Team deployed to the top of Beinn Eight the clag was still down. However for the blue shirt competitors the weather was to lift and the ridge became clear affording them the spectacular views of the surrounding mountain. As ever the early runners passed me at the back of Liathach fully focussed on the remaining 13-15 km of competition. For the rest of the high and low route competitors the evening was spent with those that have a myriad of stories to tell about what continues to be a compelling, challenging but ultimately a totally mesmerising race.

Image Archive:- 2012-2015

The images from the first three races are still available to order but are not available for automatic download. On receipt of payment the images will be despatched by email using a Dropbox link. The archive also includes the run section, the finish line images and the miscellaneous images from the 2015 race. The archive is held on a different site so please use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

2015 CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish triathlon

2015 – Run

2015 – Finish

2015 – Misc

2014 CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish triathlon

2014 – Swim

2014 – Cycle

2014 – Run

2014 – Finish

2014 – Misc

2013 CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish triathlon

2013 – Swim

2013 – Cycle

2013 – Run

2013 – Misc

2012 (inaugural) CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish triathlon

2012 – Swim

2012 – Cycle

2012 – Run

2012 – Finish

2012 – Misc